Night of Museums (15 of May)

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After last year’s break due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are back with another edition of the Night of the Museums. However, due to restrictions and therefore the safety of visitors and staff, the event will take a slightly different course.

This Saturday, 15 May, the Army Museum in Białystok will be open during its regular daily opening hours (9:30 am – 5 pm). On that day, admission to the Museum is free. We recommend that you visit the permanent exhibitions ‘Between Two Wars’, ‘Against Two Enemies’, ‘The Polish Army 1956-2010’ as well as the current temporary exhibitions ‘The Army Wants to Eat’ and ’18th Białystok Reconnaissance Regiment’. We also invite you to take part in special events:

a) “In time before midnight”

On Friday, exactly at 23:59, the sale of promotional packages of Museum gadgets begins:

– package one: T-shirt with print, metal compass, ART. magnet, survival card “Tiger” (price 45 PLN);

– package two: card game “Peter”, anti-stress grenade, publication “Soldiers at ease”, washable tattoos (price 30 PLN)

– Blind Box package (price 30 PLN).

The promotion will last until 25 May this year. The sale is conducted stationary in the Museum ticket office (7 Kilińskiego Street) or by mail order ( The Museum of the Army in Bialystok will cover the shipping costs within the territory of the Republic of Poland.

b) “More light!”

Plunged into total darkness, the museum becomes a magical place. It is said that mannequins sometimes talk in a raised voice and there are surprises hidden behind the display cases. Families with children who want to find out are invited to take part in a “torchlight tour” at 10:00 and 12:00. Due to the limited number of places, advance registration is compulsory. Registration can be done by emailing

c) “What’s behind the window”

At night, from Saturday to Sunday, the Museum’s window displays will turn into illuminated showcases, in which you will be able to see unique exhibits, usually kept in the collections’ warehouses.

d) “Białystok Episodes. Marshal Piłsudski in Białystok”.

In the premiere episode of the “Białystok Episodes” series, historian Andrzej Lechowski will take us on a walk around the city in 1921. The theme of the film, which will be available on the Museum’s YouTube channel and social media profiles, is Marshal Piłsudski’s visit to Białystok.

e) “The Night of Museums. Correspondence”.

Around the Night of Museums, in the mailboxes of thousands of Bialystok residents, there will be postcards whose sender is the Army Museum in Bialystok. This is an invitation to visit the institution and return to live contact with art and culture in complete safety.


Visiting the Museum takes place under a sanitary regime, it is obligatory, among others, to wear masks, to keep a distance and to limit the number of people staying in the institution building at the same time. Touch screen electronic equipment (multimedia kiosks, audio guides) is excluded from use. A technical break is scheduled between 13:30 and 14:00 to disinfect the premises.