Exhibits Acquisition

A gift or sale offer of the new object for a museum can be made:
– in person – in the Main Stock-taker Department;
– by e-mail – to the following e-mail: address: dkolban@mwb.com.pl (please attach a file with a photo of the object).
Additional information concerning both the tenderer (name, surname, address, telephone) and objects (origin, history, etc.) is required when submitting the offer.
Gifts are accepted on the basis of a contract of donation, which usually takes about 15 minutes to prepare. Donors will receive a thank-you letter and information about an entry in the Inventory Books.
Offers for a sale of the objects are considered during meetings held by the Purchase Commission of Museum Collectibles on the regular basis, usually in the last week of each month. The person selling the object is promptly informed about the decision taken by the Purchase Commission of Museum Collectibles. In case of the purchase, payment is made within 7 days of signing an invoice and a contract.
The Army Museum in Białystok informs that it does not accept or purchase all objects that will be presented as a part of the donation or purchase offer.