Soon Museum will re-open for visitors (June 2)

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Dear Sir or Madam, we are pleased to announce that June 2 Museum will reopen for visitors. Due to comfort and safety of us all, we are introducing new opening hours and rules, approved by the State Poviat Sanitary Inspector in Bialystok.



1. Museum is open for visitors from Wednesday to Sunday for 5 hours (between 12.00 and 17.00), including one hour technical break (between 14.00 to 15.00) intended for disinfection of rooms).
2. During the visit it is mandatory to cover your mouth and nose. Visitor who will not meet this requirement will not be allowed in the building.
3. Immediately after entering the building it is necessary to disinfect your hands. Museum provides personal protective equipment for visitors in the form of disinfectant liquids.
4. We encourage visitors to wear gloves (gloves will be available for at the entrance to the Museum building).
5. The exhibition part of the Museum building may hold to 21 people at the same time (including employees at the exhibition rooms), while maintaining a distance of at least 2 meters between people.
6. For safety measures a transparent partition at the check point was installed. There can be only one person using the Museum’s services at the check point. Payment by credit card is recommended.
7. Employees who have contact with visitors are provided with personal protective equipment (disinfectant liquids, masks, full face visors, gloves)
8. Group tours are prohibited until further notice. This does not apply to families visiting Museum together.
9. Multimedia kiosks and other touch devices are not available.
10. It is forbidden to touch the exhibits and display cases.
11. In addition to the above principles, the Museum also operates on the basis of generally applicable guidelines in the territory of the Republic of Poland regarding safety rules and restrictions in the state of the COVID-19 epidemic and according to ‘Guidelines for museums, art galleries and others cultural institutions operating in the field of memory policy and heritage protection, in connection with planned re-opening in the state of COVID-19 epidemic’, presented by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage.