Adam Dobroński, Marek Gajewski, ‘Białystok 1920’

Enlarge imageokładka książki Białystok 1920

‘Białystok 1920’ is the latest book of the Army Museum in Białystok and BELLONA Publishing House from Warsaw. Its authors are Museum employees: Adam CzesławDobroński, Ph.D., D.Sc., and Marek Gajewski, M.A. It is addressed to all enthusiasts of the regional history and the history of Białystok. In a popular-scientific form, it discusses the events related to a course of the military operations of the Polish-SovietWar of 1920with a particular emphasis on the fight for the city on 22 August 1920. Richly illustrated with the archival and contemporary photographs and maps. To sum up, it is a fascinating story about the battles for Białystok in 1920 and their traditions, alive to the memory of the inhabitants.
104 pages, white and black, and colour photographs, hardcover, 2019, price PLN 25.00