Family Sunday. “A Paramedic to Be” (February 6 this year)

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As part of the Family Sundays series, we would like to invite you to workshops conducted by Andrzej Rydzewski, a paramedic. The classes are intended for children aged 6-12 (with carers).

Workshop participants will learn the basic principles of first aid. They will play the role of rescuers, learn how to dress light injuries, put on bandages and slings. Through games on a phantom, they will practise correct cardiac massage. At the end of the workshop, each participant will receive a badge of the brave lifeguard.

Andrzej Rydzewski is a paramedic who works in ambulance and medical transport teams and takes part in medical security measures. He has repeatedly taken part in securing city ceremonies and sporting events.

The classes for children aged 6-12 (with their parents) will start at 11 a.m. Registration takes place by phone at +48 85 741 64 49 or in person at the Museum, 7 Kilińskiego St., Białystok. Number of places limited, first come first served. Price 5 PLN per person.