We encourage everyone to use the educational tools and materials developed as part of the “Bialystok Garrison in accessible languages” project. The project was implemented in 2021. All results can be found in the Materials tab. They are valuable materials for teaching history, especially local history.

Marzena Wilczko (project coordinator): “The aim of the project was to provide young recipients with special needs with knowledge about the history of the army in Białystok. We showed its importance in the history of cities, reminded them of important figures, referred to the soldier’s ethos as a starting point for reflecting on the essence of patriotism. Similar content is often unavailable to people with disabilities due to limited cognitive abilities. In addition, the military is filled with many difficult to understand terms, which always creates additional difficulties”.

As part of the project, a number of accessible tools have been developed, such as easy language and sign language translations or audiodescription. In the Museum’s building, there are also a number of signposts and an interactive monitor with accessible historical content. A unique interdisciplinary workshop has also been prepared, combining a historical component with artistic working methods. Over three hundred people took part in the workshops held in September and October this year. The workshops are still generating a lot of interest, which is why they have been included in the permanent educational offer of the Museum.

The project was made possible thanks to funding from the Polish History Museum within the framework of the ‘Patriotism of Tomorrow’ programme.

Project coordination and contact:

Marzena Wilczko


tel. 85 741 64 49 ext. 19

mobile phone 536 123 424

Army Museum in Bialystok
7 Jana Kilińskiego Street
15-089 Białystok