Marek Gajewski, ‘The “Navy Blue” soldiers. Biographical and Photographic Album about the Officers of the State Police of BiałystokProvince 1919–1939’

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The album is the latest item from the publishing offer of the Army Museum in Białystok. Its author is a museum employee – Marek Gajewski, who has been interested in the subject of the police authorities of the Second Polish Republic for many years. The publication, comprising several hundred pages, contains over 2,600 biographical notes of the policemen from Białystok and a brief description of operating of the basic police services and units in the Białystok province of the interwar period. The publishing house has been developed on a broad source base and is richly illustrated with the archival photographs received by the author from the museum, family and private collections. Established as part of the celebration of the 100th anniversary of the adoption of the Act on the Appointment of the State Police on 24 July 1919.
607 pages, white and black photographs, hardcover in colour, 2019, price PLN- PLN 70.00